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Asian-Pacific added new energy installations will reach 1700GW by 2030


 USD 3.6 trillion will be invested in constructing new electric installations in the Asian-Pacific region by 2030 and two thirds of the investment will be for the development of renewable energy power generation technologies, like wind energy, solar PV and hydroelectric, according to a new report made by Bloomburg New Energy Finance which is a research institute.

In the Market Outlook Report by 2030, Bloomburg New Energy Finance made a prediction based on the electricity market demand-supply model, technology costs transformation and the polices in different nations or regions that the global added energy installations will achieve 5,000GW from 2014 to 2030, of which half will be contributed by the Asian-Pacific region.
This means that USD 3.6 trillion will be spent in the Asian-Pacific energy fields. Coal, natural gas and other fossil fuels fired power generation will still increase in this region though they are worsening pollution and climate change. However, the biggest growth will be the renewable energy. It is estimated that USD 2.5 trillion of investment will be attracted and 1,700GW of renewable energy installations will will be added from 2014 to 2030.